pickled ale

Taking back the tower

While Ironstache persued the comforts of the inn-keeper’s wife-, Ogre Eye and Shuga went for a leisurely stroll. They happened upon a dwarf mage having some trouble with a huge dire boar next to a tower. They aid the dwarf and slay the boar, and find out that the tower is actually the dwarf’s, who has just returned from a 60 year journey to find his home infested with goblins. The dwarf offers them chocolate flavored boar meat in exchange for their services to retake his tower. Dimp, being the hungry dwarf that he is, accepts the offer, and Shuga merely rolls her eyes and follows.

Battle ensues until the first floor is wiped clean of goblins. They move to the second floor where they have more difficulty. Dimp is knocked unconscious with three goblins still alive. Luckily, Shuga and Tigrin take out the remaining baddies before he dies. With one floor remaining, the adventurers retreat outside to camp for the night…

A Young White Dragon Falls

The Dwarven Warlord Tharck Bronzebottle AKA “Ogre Eye” and his small group of adventures successfully cleaned out the kobold infestation from the Copperspittle Mine. After a harrowing adventure of dispatching several rat swarms and kobold minions they faced the ringleader of the mine’s takeover.

The young white dragon, who’s name no one heard and by chance happened to be very clumsy, was dispatched and the mines returned to the hands of the Dwarven Settlement Copperspittle.

After just rewards the adventures retire and rest as to be fresh for the morning.


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