Valdin Bronzemaker

Mayor and mining foreman of the Dwarven settlement Copperspittle


Valdin Bronzemaker is the mayor and mining foreman for the remote Dwarven settlement Copperspittle. Located at the base of the menacing Teeth Mountain range Copperspittle was founded by the Bronzemaker clan in an effort to alleviate the copper shortage suffered by the major Dwarven city Elisinar Hall.

Recently the Copperspittle mine was attacked by a band of kobolds lead by a young white dragon. Many Dwarfs lost their lives in the fierce fighting and Valdin leading a ragtag assortment of miners barely escaped alive.

Luckily the band of adventures from Pickled Ale arrived soon after and after hearing the plight of the citizens of Copperspittle retook the mine and slayed the impetus young white dragon.

Currently awaiting his wounds to mend Valdin has mounted the head of the dragon behind his mayoral chair and broods in silent suffering for his lost kinsmen.

Valdin Bronzemaker

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